Hurricane Facts

Since 1979 Hurricanes have both male and female names, before 1979 Hurricanes only had female names.

Most hurricanes start in the Ocean and don’t cause any harm. The New England Hurricane of 1938 is reported to have had been the fastest hurricane on record reaching 70 miles per hour or 110 kilometres. The average speed of a hurricane is less than 20 miles per hour or 32 kilometres. Hurricane Season in the Atlantic Ocean start on June 1st and finishes on November 30th every year. Click here for more on why and how hurricane form.

A hurricane is a large storm with a large low pressure center that produces intense winds and heavy rainfall.

Hurricanes of the Past

Hurricane Ike 2008

Although Cyclone Ike was only classified as a category 2 tropical storm, Ike remains the third costliest hurricane in the history of USA after Katrina and 1992s Andrew. Total damage: $25 billion, mostly in the states of Florida, Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas.

Hurricane Katrina 2005

This category 3 hurricane is the costliest in the whole of the USA history, with damages estimated at a frightening $81 billion. It was also one of the deadliest, with deaths exceeding 1,800 in Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Winds reached a maximum of 175 miles per hour, but most of the storms devastation resulted from alert failure in the low-lying city of New Orleans. Even now, eight years later, the city is still recovering.

Hurricane Rita 2005

Hitting less than a month after Katrina, this category 3 storm prompted a massive evacuation effort of more than 3 million to prevent the tragedy Katrina effected. Still, Rita managed to cause $10 billion in damage in Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.

Hurricane Wilma 2005

Wilmas arrival in Florida was measured at a category 3 level, with winds reaching speeds of 185 miles per hour. The hurricane caused 5 deaths in the U.S., and more than $20 billion in damages.

Hurricane Charlie 2004

At a category 4 classification, Charley was the strongest storm to hit the U.S. since again 1992s Andrew, which were recorded in at category 5. In Punta and Florida, where the hurricane made landfall, winds recorded in at 112 miles per hour, before they destroyed the measuring equipment, that is. Damages amounted to $14 billion in Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

Hurricane Ivan 2004Ivan hit the U.S. as a category 3 storm, sweeping through Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, and Texas. Deaths totaled 25 and damages $14.2 billion $610 million of which were attributed to the value of Alabamas devastated timber properties.

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