Avision AV220D2+ Scanner Certified Drivers for PC

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Avision AV220D2+ Scanner Certified Driver

The source for ISIS and Cloud Capture certified business document scanning devices. minute (AVD2+). ▫ Small footprint fits easily certified searchable PDF! Performance Reliability. Avision's AV series document scanners have built a. Feature comparisons, user reviews, downloads & more at the scanner store. And like all Adrenaline products, it's certified and supported for document more.

Driver for Avision AV220D2+ Scanner Certified

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Avision AV220D2+ Scanner Certified Driver

Invert Reverse the color of your scanned image.

Defaults Reset all values on the tabs to the factory default settings. It consists of several tabbed windows each of which will be described in this chapter.

Avision AV220D2+ manual

The Scanner Properties dialog box Page: Scan After all the scan settings are satisfactory, click the Scan button to start scanning your document. Close Click the Avision AV220D2+ Scanner Certified button to leave the Scanner Properties dialog box.

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Note that except for the resolution, you can set individual scan settings for the front side and the rear side. For example, Avision AV220D2+ Scanner Certified settings in the Image tab, Compression tab, Color Dropout tab can be set individually for the front and the rear side.

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However, the settings in the Paper tab, the Option tab, and Avision AV220D2+ Scanner Certified Setting tab have to be set the same for the front and rear side. The Image tab dialog box Page: If you wish to scan both t front side and the rear side of yo color document, you can check bo Front Color and Rear Color at t same time. Note the options va based on type of scanner. Gray Choose Gray image if your original contain actual shades of gray.

Click to automatically detect and scan the front or the rear page of your color document in color image mode. If your document is in colors, the scanner will automatically scan the document into a color image.

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This option is useful when you have a mixture of color and non-color document. If you choose Front Rear Auto Color Detection, you can not specify the image mode of Avision AV220D2+ Scanner Certified rear page and vice versas.

ISIS and Cloud Capture certified scanner drivers

The value ranges from 1 to The default is There are several different methods of performing this conversion. Selecting Dynamic Threshold allows the scanner to dynamically evaluate each document to determine the optimal threshold value to produce the highest quality image.

Avision AV220D2+ Scanner Certified 64 Bit

This is used to scan mixed document containing faint text, shaded background, or color background with a single setting. Sensitivity of Dynamic Threshold Occasionally your scanned image may contain small dots or speckles.

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To remove these spots, increase the sensitivity value by moving the bar to the right. Used for black-and- white and other high contrast documents. A single level is set to determine the black- and-white transition.

The threshold is programmable over the entire density range. Fixed Processing sets Contrast to 0.

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If Fixed Processing is selected, Contrast is not available. In addition to the black and white display, Halftone can present a somehow gray shade of image by using different size of dots. Halftone image looks like the picture we have seen in the newspaper. Error Diffusion is a type of Halftone. Error Diffusion gives good image texture and makes text in images more readable Avision AV220D2+ Scanner Certified Halftone.

Halftone Image Page: The value ranges from 0 to A low threshold value produces a lighter image, and can be used to subdue backgrounds and subtle, unneeded information. A high threshold value produces a darker Avision AV220D2+ Scanner Certified, and can be used to help pick up faint images.

Adjust the threshold setting by dragging the Threshold sliding bar to the left or right to achieve the desired threshold setting. Normal, Photo, Document Three options Avision AV220D2+ Scanner Certified document type are provided when you choose Gray as the image type for your scanned document. Choose Document if your original contains pure text or a mixture of text and graphic since it is an optimal setting for regular business document. When using Document, only Threshold can be adjusted.

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