ASUS ROG G750JS Elantech Touchpad X64 Driver Download

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ASUS ROG G750JS Elantech Touchpad Driver

The Asus ROG GJS laptop offers a slimmer and more gamer-centric body design TouchPad, Elantech Touchpad driver, MB, /12/17, Download. ASUS ROG GJS Elantech Touchpad Driver It is highly recommended to always use the most recent driver version available. Try to set. Download Asus ROG GJX Drivers For Windows 10/ and 8 64 bit. The Asus ROG Elantech Touchpad driver, 8, MB, Download.

New Drivers: ASUS ROG G750JS Elantech Touchpad

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ASUS ROG G750JS Elantech Touchpad Driver

Драйвера ASUS G750JX

The Pros Attractive stealth fighter design; Excellent keyboard; Solid ASUS ROG G750JS Elantech Touchpad and performance; Runs cool and quiet while gaming; Above-average battery life The Cons Not the best audio; Mediocre webcam Verdict The ASUS GJX is a powerful and striking Haswell gaming laptop that delivers impressive graphics performance for hundreds less than the competition. Review In the battle for gaming notebook supremacy, it all comes down to how much firepower you can pack in the most menacingly sleek package.

The end result is a powerful rig that can play the most graphically demanding games at a price that undercuts ASUS ROG G750JS Elantech Touchpad Alienware But does ASUS do enough to stand out?

The black soft-touch finish not only looks and feels good, it also does a bang-up job of repelling fingerprints and smudges. The dual vents at the back of the laptop resemble a jet's exhaust, giving the appearance the notebook is primed for takeoff.

ASUS ROG G750JS Elantech Touchpad 64 Bit

A large backlit keyboard rests in a slight recess above a massive touchpad. The clear triangular power button adds a bit of cyberpunk chic to the design. In terms of dimensions and weight, the 8.

Asus ROG G750JS Driver Download

Yes, you can transport this rig from room to room with relatively ease, but it's not made for travel. Display The GJX's The floating city of Columbia was a parade of vibrant yellow, pinks and greens as we strolled through the idyllic utopia in "Bioshock Infinite. Viewing angles were generous, enabling the laptop to accommodate three people.

ASUS ROG G750JS Elantech Touchpad Driver for Mac Download

When playing the p trailer of "The Wolverine," we could plainly see a shirtless combatant's Koi tattoo, complete with shading. Even more impressive, we saw the heat waves radiating off a yellow white fireball as it bore down on Hugh Jackman. During our testing, we found that the Vivid setting delivered the best results with rich, vibrant color.

A p image of a green-and-white snake popped against ASUS ROG G750JS Elantech Touchpad black and brown background. The scales were nice and defined, complete with a luminescent sheen along the sides. However, the Alienware 17 registered a brighter lux.

The downward tilt of the speakers bounces the sound off of the deck and toward the listener's face. There's also a rather large subwoofer on the laptop's bottom left. Audio was loud, but it didn't fill our entire test space.

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Dialogue during our "Bioshock Infinite" playthrough was crisp and clear. When the gunfire finally began, pistol shots sounded heavy and deliberate while melee kills were appropriately gruesome, punctuated by thick thuds and whirring blades.

ASUS ROG G750JS Elantech Touchpad Windows

When we played ASUS ROG G750JS Elantech Touchpad "Bad," we appreciated the clear acoustic guitar accompanied by a full alto backup vocal and the rapper's gruff delivery. We also heard the rusty squeak of an old mattress effect that's built into the track. However, the song as a whole sounded hollow.

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When we played Marilyn Manson's remake of "Sweet Dreams Are Made of This ," the opening guitar and Manson's guttural delivery were nice and clear, but when the track ASUS ROG G750JS Elantech Touchpad to the chorus, the volume would drop out, leaving a garbled, muted mess. The Music setting sounded the best, but not by a lot. Overall, we prefer the Alienware 17's Klipsch speakers, which exude booming bass and treble and can easily fill a small space, amplifying the immersion factor necessary in a good gaming notebook.

ASUS ROG G750JS Elantech Touchpad and Touchpad The GJX's island-style keyboard is well-spaced with a full-size number pad and direction keys. We wished the backlighting was brighter. The flat, black keys are nice and springy with good travel, making for a very comfortable typing experience.

We notched 60 words per minute on the Ten Thumbs Typing test, topping our usual 55 wpm. Our fingers slid effortlessly across the black plastic finish. Performing Windows 8 gestures, such as calling up the Charms bar, was quick and responsive.

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