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Mercury KOB 323P Driver

Posted Jan 31, 19 9: Private carriers, such as Wells Fargo and Freeman, were faster than the postal systems in place at the time.

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Business people were willing to pay the extra charge. Posted Jan 31, 19 8: What do you think was the reason to send these letters through Wells Fargo? Mercury KOB 323P Jan 31, 19 7: This one is docketed as having originated in Havana on 6 July Posted Jan 31, 19 6: The only one I have seen.

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It was treated as a double weight letter in Cuba, over 10 grams. Posted Jan 30, 19 Looking For Confederate Adams Southern and Mercury KOB 323P related Express Covers Wondering if anyone can help, or point me in the correct direction, to find examples of Mercury KOB 323P different Confederate covers related to Adams Express Neither is very scarce or hard to find An example of the oval "Adams Express Co.

These exist for several towns I just need a nice example of one from any town. Imprinted envelope "Adams Southern Express.

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Does anyone have examples of either, or both, that they might part with? I need them for my Harndens Express exhibit which I will be completing with some help this year.

The two examples below are from Siegel Sale The 10c rate was the steamship rate, the same as the rate to the Caribbean. Michael Laurence Mercury KOB 323P 10c examples of this route. The scan shows the postal equivalent of the 30c entire that you posted.

It came into San Francisco on a ship from Panama Steam Panama Mercury KOB 323P applied upon arrivalhowever the exact origin of the letter is unknown, as is the case with many incoming steamship covers. In the 's, WF had 3 offices in Mexico: Guaymas, LaPaz, amd Mazatlan, all port cities which were far more accessible by ship. The odd part is that there was also a 3c overland rate to Mexico.

Like I said before, there exist period paste-ups of franked envelopes showing that Wells Fargo did charge extra rates Mercury KOB 323P least on legal letters versus money letters The surcharged Mercury KOB 323P franks really prove the point. Your notion that the extra rates might have been paid in cash is certainly plausible.

You are onto a good research project, and I am sure your findings would make for a fine article in Western Express.

Add on back at you: My humble understanding of an area I have never collected is that the surcharged Mexican franks were based on the 10c ship rate rather than the 10c transcontinental rate that ended in In the Mercury KOB 323P, Wells Fargo letters from Mexico Mercury KOB 323P typically addressed to California and carried there by coastal steamers. Transcontinental and European destinations are highly uncommon.

One is mail contracted for expressly to carry one mail.

Any one could go to a colonial DPM and have Mercury KOB 323P rustle not literaly up a horse and rider for a defined fee. Leaving aside the whole issue of military mails which were botched by the PO in the Revolutionary Warthe Post Office did these special runs at various times for ship mail -- I am aware of this going in about four periods from the s to the Mercury KOB 323P.

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Mercury KOB 323P special routes appropriated the name express mail. They do not seem to me to be well defined is the special Hudson steam contract an express mail. The special Southern route circa ?

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